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Today's Academy's Awesome Adventures & Advice blog is about Jazz Dance Moves! Our Dance School, Colman Creative Academy, run Musical Theatre classes every Sunday and within this a lot of the choreography and technique we cover is in dance.

In this blog we are going to cover a couple of simple moves which are essential for jazz dancers to know and learn. Why not have a read and even try these!


In this movement students walk a 'box' position with their feet. This is something which is sometimes started as a left forward, right forward, left back, right back movement and difficulty is increased by then crossing the leg over and becoming the 'jazz square or box position'. Various arm lines can be used when performing this movement to create a more interesting combination.


Moving individual parts of the body is a key skill within dance. This includes hands, chest, hips, head.

To isolate the hips first loosen your knees, extend the arms into a 'T' position, keep the chest and legs as still as possible and move the hops side to side. Using a mirror can make this easier.


This is a move which is a classic step used in Jazz but can be quite difficult... don't give up straight away!

Whilst doing a straight leg kick towards upwards the back bends backwards with the head arched back and arms extended behind the back. To perform this move you will need excellent balance and good flexibility - Keep working hard to achieve this!


Jazz running is a unique step which involves keeping both legs as straight as possible. Each step leads with the heel then the toe and is completed in a dragging motion. Arms can either be by your side or swinging through to the opposite leg.

There are so many steps you can learn within jazz and we have just included a few above. If you are interested in the style further then why not have a look at the wonderful YouTube tutorials available. If you would like to join a class then get in touch with us now!

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