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Unlock Creativity: Enriching Lives through Art

At Colman Creative Academy, we are passionate about nurturing creativity and empowering young minds to thrive through the arts. Our outreach programs extend the magic of the stage to schools, scout groups, guide units, and more. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and build self-confidence through the performing arts.

Why Choose Us for Your Outreach Workshops?

1. Passion and Experience: Our instructors are not only talented artists but also dedicated educators with years of experience. We live and breathe the arts, and we're committed to instilling that same passion in the next generation.

2.Customised Workshops: We understand that every group is unique. We tailor our workshops to meet your specific needs, whether it's a drama class, a dance workshop, or a combination of art forms.

3. Skill Development: Our workshops offer a rich tapestry of skills that go beyond the stage. From teamwork to communication, creativity to self-confidence, participants learn life skills that last a lifetime.

4. Engaging and Fun: Learning through the arts should be an enjoyable experience. Our workshops are designed to captivate young minds, ensuring they're having fun while they learn.

What We Offer

School Workshops: Bring the stage to your school! From Pre School to College, we provide curriculum-based workshops to enrich your students' education and help them discover the joys of performing arts. Use us for your PPE, themed weeks or after school clubs.

Scout, Cubs, Brownies, Guides Workshops: We offer unique experiences for groups such as scouts and guides. From learning circus skills to perfecting dance moves, we're here to ignite their creativity and help them reach their goals. 

Community Engagement: Our outreach programs don't stop at schools. We engage with various community groups to promote the arts and foster inclusivity.

Experience the Magic of the Arts

At Colman Creative Academy, we believe that the arts have the power to transform lives. By bringing our outreach programs to your group, we aim to unlock creativity, boost self-esteem, and nurture future artists. Join us in embracing the performing arts as a gateway to endless possibilities. Together, we can create, inspire, and enrich lives through the magic of artistic expression.


Tailor each workshop to meet the unique needs and goals of your group.


passionate instructors

Provide instructors who inspire and empower.


Each participant will leave having developed new skills.


create an environment where every participant feels valued and supported on their creative journey.


Each child can be awarded a certificate after the session by request.

Experience the joy of creativity in just one hour! Our standard workshops offer a power-packed hour of learning, growth, and self-expression. To ensure a seamless experience, this can be extended by request, we allocate an additional 15 minutes for setup and another 15 for packing up.


These workshops are in high demand, and availability is limited, so we encourage you to secure your spot early to avoid disappointment. Participant numbers may vary depending on instructor availability and specific requests, so feel free to discuss your unique needs with us. Discover the world of creativity with us and let your imagination soar.














"The scouts have just had a fantastic circus skills session provided by the wonderful Chloe's! it was so much fun and we learnt lots of new skills.

Very highly recommended and we can't thank you enough! Hopefully we'll see you again for another session in the future."

— 2nd St Neots Cubs Beavers Scouts


Wow what can I say, amazing Chloe did a session with our girl guides and they loved it! It will not be the last time we ask Chloe! all done over zoom! thank you 1st Seamer and Irton guides x

— 1st Seamer & Irton Guides

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