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Are you a student with a passion for dance and a desire to teach? Do you dream of pursuing a career in theatre education or working with children? Look no further than the Student Helper Programme established by Colman Creative Training!


This programme is available to students aged 11 years and up, and provides an incredible opportunity to gain teaching experience while still in school. As a successful applicant, you will be enrolled onto the programme and required to complete theory work and assist in assigned classes. Throughout the programme, you will gain valuable skills and experience in teaching and working with children. And upon completion, you may be eligible to take an assistant teacher qualification, provided you have demonstrated a strong commitment to the programme and have gained the necessary skills and experience. 


Parents, encourage your child to apply and take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Students, apply by completing the application form today!

role and responsibilities

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"The student helper programme has increased my daughters confidence and skills within her own classes and she has so much fun at the same time! She now has friends within the whole academy of various ages and a greater, deeper understanding of dance. My daughter really enjoys completing the work at home and researching, she is super excited to be assisting at CCA!"


Our Student Helper Programme is now validated and affiliated by the Children's University. If accepted onto the programme you will be able to earn points for the Children's University too!


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