At Colman Creative Academy, the safety of our students is paramount, which is why we have various policies in place. When enrolling your child into CCA, you will be required to accept and sign our 'active student policies'. These include 2021 Enrolment Waiver, Medical Release, Parent Code of Conduct and Photo/Video Consent. These help to protect the students of Colman Creative Academy.

If you require access to these waivers before starting the enrolment process with Colman Creative Academy, please email us, academy@colmancreative.co.uk and we would be more than happy to forward these to you, via email.

We also have our general policies in place, which apply to anyone with a connection to the academy; including staff, students, enquiring families, friends and family. Colman Creative Academy policies are designed to maintain the decorum required to excel in the art of performing arts while observing maximum safety for your child and their peers.

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Our Public Liability Insurance Certificate and Health & Safety Risk Assessment are also available on request. Please email academy@colmancreative.co.uk if you would like to obtain this information.