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At Colman Creative Academy, we believe in crafting more than just dancers; we aim to sculpt confident, creative individuals who dance through life with joy. Our approach is rooted in five distinct Core Pillars that guide our teaching philosophy. Let's take a glimpse into how these pillars form the heartbeat of our academy.

1. Introduction Phase - Mini Steps Programme (2-4 years)

Keywords: Independence, Confidence, Social, Explore, Play

In these formative years, we lay the foundation for a lifelong love of movement. Through our Mini Steps Programme, we focus on fostering independence, building confidence, nurturing social skills, encouraging exploration, and, above all, making learning a playful adventure.

2. Explore Phase - Lower School (5-7 years)

Keywords: Fun, Foundations, Risk, Love, Play

As our dancers take their initial steps into structured learning, we ensure it's a joyous experience. The Explore Phase is about having fun, establishing strong foundations, taking creative risks, nurturing a love for the art, and, of course, playing freely within the dance space.

3. Skill Phase - Lower School (8-12 years)

Keywords: Open-Minded, Exposure, Push, Busy, Love, Play

Now, it's time to delve deeper into the art of dance. In the Skill Phase, we encourage an open-minded approach, exposing students to diverse styles, gently pushing boundaries, keeping them engaged with a busy yet enjoyable curriculum, and always infusing the journey with love and playfulness.

4. Remind and Balance Phase - Upper School (12-14 years)

Keywords: Patience, Understanding, Life Skills, Explain, Love, Plan

As students transition to upper school, we emphasize the importance of patience, understanding, and life skills. This phase is about reinforcing the fundamentals, explaining complexities, and balancing the rigorous training with an overarching sense of love and a carefully planned curriculum.

5. Creative Phase - Upper School (15 years+)

Keywords: Trust, Discussion, Depth, Love, Play

In the Creative Phase, we trust our students to bring their unique perspectives to the dance floor. Through meaningful discussions, we explore the depth of expression, allowing creativity to flourish. Love and play continue to be integral components, ensuring that the dance journey remains a joyous and fulfilling experience.

At the heart of our classes, you'll find these Core Pillars, forming a dynamic framework that adapts to each child's pace of development. Our goal is not just to teach dance; it's to in still a passion for movement, creativity, and life.

Age is merely a number at Colman Creative Academy, where every dance step is a celebration of individual growth. 🌟💃🕺


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