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Discover, Play, and Learn: Explore Exciting Classes at Playful Performers Holiday Camp!

Welcome to our Playful Performers Holiday Camps, meticulously designed to ignite the imagination and talents of children aged 5 to 12 years.


Throughout the day, our young participants embark on a thrilling journey of exploration and discovery, immersing themselves in a kaleidoscope of activities. From mastering acrobatics to unleashing their inner circus performer, from channeling creativity through arts and crafts to the joy of games and fun, our camp offers a vibrant tapestry of experiences.


Moreover, children have the opportunity to express themselves through the magic of dance, the power of singing, and the art of acting, fostering confidence and self-expression. At Playful Performers, every moment is an adventure, every skill a triumph, and every child a star shining brightly on our stage of fun and learning.

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9:00am Drama Games

9:30am Dance Warm Up

9:45am Street Dance

10:30am Break 

10:45am Acro

11:30am Musical Theatre

12:15pm Lunch

1:00pm Arts & Crafts 

2:00pm Break

2:15pm Circus Skills

3:15pm Drama Games

4:00pm Home Time

£67.66 worth of classes
for just £38 a day!

Locations & Dates 

Open to all children age 5 - 12 years.

Please note venues are currently being confirmed and will be updated ASAP.

After completing the registration form a member of our team will be in touch within 48 hours. 


28th May - Queen Elizabeth Hall 

28th August - Queen Elizabeth Hall 

9 - 4pm


15th August - Papworth Village Hall

9 - 4pm


8th August - Cambourne Community Centre (The Annexe)

9 - 4pm


27th August - Alconbury Hall

9 - 4pm


9th August - Offord Village Hall

9 - 4pm

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