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Rugby World Cup


Our students were given the once in a lifetime opportunity to perform at the Rugby World Cup Semi Finals on the 12th November at Emirates Stadium, performing to over 40,000 people!

Who Took Part:

Over 20 of our students took part in the World Cup performance with our youngest student being just 6 years old! Students from all classes including street, modern, musical theatre and gymnastic dance were given the opportunity to take part.

Performance Preparations:

Students attended two virtual sessions and one in person session to learn the choreography for the organised event and prepared for the event in less than 5 days! Students from all over the country learnt the same choreography to come together and perform.

On The Day:

Students and families travelled together from Cambridge to the famous stadium in London in preparation for the event. Students took part in a rehearsal with the organisers outside the stadium helping them to become comfortable performing the choreography with the other dance schools. Students were then able to enter the stadium and watch the match performing at half time.

We are so proud of everybody who took part and can't wait for more amazing performance opportunities in the future.


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