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Make Up Workshop

On Sunday 2nd April, Colman Creative Academy hosted a professional make-up workshop for its students. The workshop was led by Pro-I Make Up, who taught the students how to create a perfect "Smokey Eye" look and apply make-up that would last longer when performing on stage.

The students had a great time at the workshop and learned a lot about make-up. They were taught various techniques that are essential for achieving a flawless look. The masterclass was interactive, and the students got a chance to practice the techniques they learned. The atmosphere was vibrant, and the students were enthusiastic to learn.

One of the students, while sharing her experience, said, "We all had fun, and it helped me so much to make my make-up look more professional." Another student said, "I loved it, and I liked the difference from the start to the end because I looked terrible at the beginning and surprisingly good at the end."

The workshop covered everything from choosing the right foundation to contouring and highlighting. The students also learned how to create a perfect "Smokey Eye" look, which is a popular makeup trend these days. The techniques that were taught were not only useful for the students who want to pursue a career in performing arts, but also for those who are interested in make-up as a hobby.

The students were also taught how to apply make-up that lasts longer when performing on stage. This is important because performing under lights and sweating can make the make-up wear off quickly. The students were shown various techniques to make their make-up last longer, such as using a primer, setting spray, and applying make-up in layers.

Overall, the professional make-up workshop at Colman Creative Academy was a great success. The students learned a lot and had fun while doing it. They were able to enhance their skills and make their make-up look more professional. The workshop was an excellent opportunity for the students to learn from a renowned make-up artist and improve their skills ready for the show in May.


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