How does sports massage differ from normal massage?

Sports massage focuses on releasing muscle tension using deep and intense techniques. Unlike regular massage sports massage involves less relaxation techniques, candles and aromatherapy

I don't play sports - can I still have a sports massage?

No. Sports massage can benefit anyone who suffers from muscular pain, discomfort or injury. Although the name suggests this is for people who take part in sports many people can benefit from this treatment.

How often should I have a sports massage?

This depends on the individual. Those who train frequently may benefit from sports massage on a more regular basis. Some clients have weekly sports massage where as others book for every 4-6 weeks. If you would like more advise on how regularly to book a massage then please get in touch.

Are there any reasons I shouldn't have a sports massage?

Massage should not take place on open wounds, tendon and muscle ruptures during the acute stage, broken bones, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, infection of the skin, tumours. Sports massage also should not take place on pregnant women. If you are unsure if sports massage is safe for you then please do get in touch.

What should I wear?

This would depend on the area of treatment. We recommend that you wear as little as possible around the area we will be treating but remaining comfortable. For example, shorts when working on the legs. It is recommend that you wear something loose and easy to move away from the area of treatment. We will always use towels to cover areas we are not working on.

What is your cancellation policy?

Where appointments are cancelled at late notice or not attended for any reason, this time cannot be reallocated to other patients also in need of attention. In order to minimise treatment fees, a cancellation fee policy is operated. A cancellation fee of 50% of the standard fee is charged if the appointment is not cancelled at least 24 hours before the agreed appointment time. The full appointment fee is chargeable if the appointment is not attended, and no notice has been given. Patients who wish to avoid being charged a cancellation fee in the event of unforeseen circumstances are advised not to book in advance, but instead to email or ring and book an appointment only on the morning of a day when they know for certain they will be free to attend. Unfortunately, due to demand for appointments, we cannot guarantee that appointments will be available if not booked in advance. Patients who book in advance agree to the application of the standard cancellation fee, regardless of the circumstances of the cancellation.

What is your privacy policy?

At Colman Creative Recovery we take privacy very seriously. Please view the 'Privacy Policy' link in the footer of our website for full detials.