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Welcome to our Acro Adventure 101, where little ones embark on an exciting journey into the world of Acro! Our program is specially designed for pint-sized enthusiasts aged 3 to 5, making learning a blast with the playful guidance of our whimsical mascot, GeGe the Giraffe.

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Get ready for a giggle-filled experience as your little stars dive into:



Watch as they giggle their way to developing the strength and flexibility needed for enchanting acro tricks.



Discover the magic of foundational positions, unlocking the secrets to cool tricks like bridges and cobras.



Hold onto your hats as they master dazzling tricks, from silly handstands to cartwheel craziness, all while building delightful partner skills.

Additionally, students will be introduced to the enchanting world of dance, laying the groundwork for fundamental dance skills like mastering "good toes" and "naughty toes," turns, and jumps

This component of the class is pivotal for those aspiring to delve deeper into our dance track. Moreover, it is equally valuable for students with ambitions to advance into our circus or theatre track, as all our main school classes focus on crafting routines for captivating performances.

In this part of the class, students will not only thrive in dance but also excel in musicality, spatial awareness, and the joyous freedom of movement. It's a holistic experience that nurtures their artistic expression and prepares them for the diverse pathways within our vibrant programs.


The whimsical "Little Cirque" segment of our class is tailored for students, whether they have previously attended our program or are joining for the first time.


In this part of the class, students are encouraged to work at their own pace, regardless of their prior experience, utilising the engaging Little Cirque progression cards and embarking on an adventure alongside Bobo, our lively circus monkey mascot.

Within this exciting phase, students will delve into the captivating world of aerial silk, building both strength and confidence as they conquer skills at heights, guided by our fantastic instructors. Channeling their inner monkey, they'll also enhance hand-eye coordination through our delightful juggling program.

Upon successfully completing a level in Little Cirque, students will be proudly awarded a badge and certificate, progressing seamlessly to the next colour level. This accomplishment sets the stage for their readiness to leap into our Circus Program, where the circus magic continues to unfold.

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 Our ColmanKIDZ class take place during term term, we operate an affordable and budget friendly pricing structure with tuition being divided equally over 12 monthly auto payments on the 1st of each month at £22 PCM. 

Uniform for this class is the CCA leotard and leggings (for girls) and CCA vest and leggings (for boys). For full uniform requirements please visit the class attire page in the FOR PARENTS section of our website.

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All our class offer a taster pass, enabling you to make sure you have found the right class for your child. This is £5 and you can try all classes suitable for your child's age during the week. 

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