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Monday 1st - Friday 5th August

Daily 9 - 4pm | Suitable for ages 7 - 13 years

Unit 20, Roman Way,

Godmanchester, PE29 2LN

Professional Circus Workshop - SOLD OUT


Monday 15th - Friday 19th August

Daily 9 - 4pm | Suitable for ages 7 - 13 years

The Orchard Community Centre, Cambridge, CB4 2EZ


Daily classes in: 

  • Acting 

  • Singing 

  • Dance 

  • Acro

  • Industry Skills

  • Mental Wellbeing

  • Dancers Conditioning

A professional circus workshop for our

Circus Club students (Thursday)

As well as...

  • Free Intensive T-Shirt*

  • Recording Experience**

  • Parent Performance**

  • Completion Ceremony**

  • Rehearsal and activity pack 

  • Full footage access to daily photos and videos 

    * For full week intensive students 
    ** For Friday attendees

To everybody out there. I recommend Colman Creative Academy because you make new friends, learn new skills and overall have a good time.

- Easter Intensive Student

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Throughout the summer intensive we provide daily acting classes enabling students to grow in confidence whist developing their relationships with new friends.  In these classes we work on:

  • Drama exercises (encouraging confidence, team work and creativity)

  • Character profiling (understanding the character they will portray)

  • Improvisation (developing creativity and the ability to think on the spot)

  • Breaking down pieces (learning about the how, why and what in a scene)

  • Understanding Musicals (Brainstorming the storyline and where scenes fits)

singing CLASSES

During the week students will work on various songs within the theme of the intensive. We also teach techniques and the reasons for vocal warm up as think it is extremely important that students understand the safety of this and can develop their technique further. Singing lessons include: 

  • Singing Warm Ups (vocally and physically warming up voice)

  • Understanding the 5 steps (to breaking down a song)

  • Developing Tuning  (learning the tune and working on harmonies)

  • Solo Opportunities (for all students - building confidence)

  • Improving Stamina (enabling the ability to sing and dance together)

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Each day students take part in a physical dance warm up, technique, corner work and learn choreography. Throughout the day students will take part in:

  • Physical Warm Up (cardio, stretch, strengthening work)

  • Basic Technique (including tends, kicks and pirouettes)

  • Corner Work (including kicks, turns, leaps and combinations)

  • Choreography (students will learn choreographed dance pieces)




- Easter Intensive Student


Acro is a class combining gymnastics with basic dance technique. It enables students to learn 'tricks' as well as how to transition between them in an aesthetically pleasing way. Students are taught within their current ability ensuring that students are safe throughout their training. During these classes students will:

  • Develop Strength (targeting arms and core work)

  • Learn Fold Skills (these are skills which require flexibility such as splits)

  • Learn Floor Skills (these are floor contact skills that travel)

  • Learn Flight Skills (these are skills which require less contact and more height)

  • Connection Choreography (choreography taught to help with transference)


My daughter attended the Easter Intensive and had an amazing time eery day. As she is already a member of CCA she thought she knew how much fun it would be... she did not anticipate how many new skills she would learn and how brilliant it was!

- Easter Intensive Parent


industry skills

Musical Theatre is so much more than just singing, acting & dance and it is never too early to start learning the skills and history of this incredible form of art. Each day students focus on a different skill within this and work as a team to learn and understand the information. Topics may include:

  • Theatre Terminology (used on stage and in rehearsal)

  • Different Dance Styles (understanding and appreciating the various styles)

  • How to Choreograph (learning the basic skills to create your own dance)

  • Safe Warm Ups (confidently taking part in your own effective warm up)

  • How to Practise (Ways to practise to remember pieces between classes)

  • "The Greats" (learning about the Grandfathers of theatre & their musicals)


One thing we pride ourselves in at Colman Creative Academy is our Wellbeing support for all of our students. As a school which opened mid pandemic we have seen the effects COVID-19 has had on young people. We work closely with Danscend - a council providing training for Dance teachers to support children in the studio and giving students transferable skills for the world. Previous wellbeing chats have included: 

  • Understanding Wellbeing (what wellbeing is - physically & mentally)

  • Positivity & Mindset (thinking about the way we speak to ourselves)

  • How to Journal (understanding the benefits of journaling)

  • Performance Anxiety (strategies to cope with "Stage Fright")

  • Exploring Identity (exploring how we are all different)

Colman Creative Academy.png

I've just read *** performance anxiety page and I'm so proud! I tell her practise makes perfect try, try again, things get easier and the more you practise etc but she hates hearing it from me! To see that she's written practise and 'believe in yourself' gives me tears of happiness. They are clearly phrases you say to them and I'm so grateful that she heard you, listened to you and taken them as her own. A massive thank you.

- Easter Intensive Parent

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dancers conditioning

Dancers Development is the foundations for every dancer. Conditioning for Dance improves your technique and performance in all dance forms by strengthening the body's core while developing coordination, balance, and alignment and optimising flexibility. The result is more life without tension, deeper plies, higher jumps with less effort, tighter terms and an improved extension and turn out. Which is why we include this every day. This class includes:

  • Cardio (improving stamina for singing, dance and general fitness)

  • Deep Muscle Stretch (to improve flexibility and help muscles recover)

  • Muscle Strengthening (conditioning for the muscles to reduce injuries)

  • Technique Zone (working on basic technique such as kicks, leaps, turns)

  • Relaxation (at the end of the day students relax, stretch and focus on breathing)



extra activities

Each student is provided with a rehearsal and activity pack on arrival for their intensive. This includes a variety of worksheets and activities for students to complete during class and optional free activities which can be used at home between their days. Each students pack may include:

  • Timetable (enabling students to visually see and tick their day off)

  • Goals sheets (helping them to set goals and reflect on these)

  • Lyrics (for students to use during singing classes)

  • Industry Skills Worksheets (to help students understand these topics)

  • Character Profiles (to develop their characters for performance)

  • Acro Tracking Sheets (to track and visualise their progress within skills)

  • Colouring Pages (to colour during breaks and at home)

  • Word Searches (to encourage teamwork and friendship building)

I would recommend coming here. I enjoyed trying new things and performing with new people. I liked the idea of doing a performance in front of parents too.

- Easter Intensive Parent

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For The Big Top Circus Camp only we are extremely excited for Carnival Chaos Circus School to be offering a specialist circus workshop. Our Summer Intensive students will take part in an exclusive class learning: 


  • Aerial (acrobatics hanging from fabric)

  • Hoop (tricks performed from a suspended hoop)

  • Silks (acrobatics hanging from fabric)

We will be offering one public workshop on Thursday 4th August (9-11am) for 12 lucky students to take part in this workshop outside of the Summer Intensive. This will be open to children of all abilities age 5 - 16.





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Monday 1st - Friday 5th August

Daily 9 - 4pm | Suitable for ages 7 - 13 years

Unit 20, Roman Way,

Godmanchester, PE29 2LN


Monday 15th - Friday 19th August

Daily 9 - 4pm | Suitable for ages 7 - 13 years

The Orchard Community Centre, Cambridge, CB4 2EZ