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Bring a Friend Week is an amazing opportunity for Children to show their friends what they get up to in Dance Class and for their friends to join them in class for a one off event!

What happens at Bring a Friend Week?

All our students are given a personal letter to give to a friend of their choice. This invites them to join the child's class on a selected date. We welcome both the child and friend into the class for a fun filled session of games, new skills and memory making.

Why is Bring a Friend Week so fun?

When students can bring their friend to their class it is like being able to bring them into a secret world, a place that their friends have never entered before. For a lot of students the studio is a magic place where they feel at home and being given the opportunity to share this with somebody else is a big responsibility! We ensure both current students and their friends have a great time and get to see what happens inside the studio.

Benefits of Bring a Friend Week?

  • Students become more confident

  • Students always remember this experience

  • Friends are able to experience something they have never done before

  • Friends can understand why their friend comes to dance

  • Builds friendships further

Colman Creative Academy are running their next Bring A Friend week the 3rd - 6th November. If you are a student already you will receive your invites in the next couple of days... if you are not a student we hope you are one of the chosen ones to receive a golden ticket to fun!

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