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There are many reasons why students book and attend workshops but not everyone knows how many benefits there truly are when attending so we wanted to share some of these wonderful things with you today.

  1. New Teachers

Students often get comfortable with their teachers. Being comfortable is great but if their teacher is unwell or they surprise the class with a guest teacher students don't always know how to react because different teachers have different methods of teaching and styles. Attending workshops helps students to become comfortable with change and they may find a teaching method which is more suited to them.

2. Introduction to New Styles

Students may attend one class at their dance school and that may be the only style of dance they know. By attending workshops they can learn about a variety of styles in short periods without the commitment of a permanent class. This helps students to discover new passions within the industry.

3. Different Knowledge

Teachers all have different experience; whether that be what they have been taught in training, at their childhood dance school or on professional work. By learning from different teachers you are taking what they have to offer and every teacher can offer something different.

4. Introduction to Dance

For those children who are not yet in dance class it could be something that pops into your mind or your child's mind but you never action on it. Maybe because you don't have time or the start up costs are expensive... You are worried you will buy their uniform and then they decide it isn't for them? Workshops are a great way to introduce your child to dance without commitment giving you and your child time to make that decision.

5. An Amazing Experience

Workshops are some children's highlights of their week, month, year! Workshops create amazing memories that children remember for the rest of their life. I remember 10 year old me walking into our local community centre and taking a workshop with the current "Link" in "Hairspray"... I still even remember the dance now!

There are so many benefits of workshops that we could go on forever but we hope this helps you to understand why dance schools run workshops in their schools.

If you are interested in an upcoming workshop we have to offer then please click here to view our Eliza Chambers Jazz Workshop on Sunday 23rd October for children age 5 - 13 years, open to both students and non students.

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