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Open Weeks at dance schools are a great way to try new classes in an event focused on you! Dance Schools often run open weeks to welcome new students into the studio and let them see what it is all about and see if they would like to join.

Why attend an Open Week?

Open Weeks are focused on you! There will usually be others in the class that are new that week too meaning that you don't feel as nervous to attend a new club.

If a dance school is running an Open Week it is usually based on welcoming new students and the sessions planned mean that you don't need to have attended a previous class to know what to do or how to do a certain skill.

Open Weeks are also a great chance for potential students to try various classes and styles to see what is right for them. Dance covers a variety of styles and one class might not be for you but one might be the calling you have been waiting for. By being able to attend a variety of classes you or your child can find your perfect match.

Why is it better to attend an Open Week?

Most schools will allow you to try a class at any point in the term which is great and gives you freedom to decide when you would like to go but there are some things to consider which Open Weeks solve:

  1. The class may be mid term. Classes may be working on exams, show routines or be working on syllabus work. Some students find joining a class midterm and not being at the same point as everyone else quite stressful meaning they don't enjoy the class as much as they would have if they tried in an Open Week.

  2. You will be with others who are new too. Open Weeks often involve a lot of new students trying classes. Knowing that your child is "not the only one" can help them to feel more confident when they attend.

  3. They can be a great event! Dance schools often organise these events so that there are extra little perks. Maybe a gift to take home or a special offer after. These may not be available mid term or outside of these events.

Obviously if you can't make an Open Week for any reason then you should always contact the dance school and see if you can attend a different day so that you don't have to wait months for another event and most schools (I know we do) will ensure your child feels safe, welcome and involved in the class no matter where the students are in the term.

Colman Creative Academy's next Open week is 3rd - 6th November.

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