Our policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for ourselves and all staff and pupils and to provide such information, training and supervision as needed for this purpose. We accept responsibility for others health and safety who may be affected by our activities whilst they are engaged in activities at Colman Creative Academy.

Where reasonably practicable, this policy will seek to provide and encourage:

  • A safe place to work including safe access

  • Safe arrangements for the use, handing and storage of equipment

  • Sufficient information, instructions, training and supervision to ensure all employees are well
    equipped to avoid hazards and contribute effectively to health and safety at work Our policy will be kept up to date and ensure our responsibilities are met in relation to:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)

  • Management Regulations (1999)

  • Other relevant current legislation
    It is the responsibility of all staff and volunteers to help maintain the safety and security of the pupils and the dance environment. This includes being aware of risks, knowing appropriate action to take and identifying potential safety issues. Each member of staff has a duty to exercise care and attention, so each teacher and teaching assistant shall:

  • Ensure reasonable care is taken during their work activities to avoid accidents or injuries to themselves, pupils and others associated with the school.

  • Observe safety instructions and procedures within this document

  • Report potential hazards to the Principal.

  • Report all accidents in the appropriate manner on the correct accident form.

Accidents and First Aid

All accidents are to be reported to the Principal on the correct accident form.
Unless there is a good reason, first aid should not be administered without consent of the child’s parent/ guardian. A child cannot give consent. If the parent is not on the premises try to phone them. However, if the child is alone and seriously injured, deal with this situation immediately. If possible first aid should be administered by a trained first aider.

Provided this does not in itself put a child at greater risk always try to administer first aid with another adult present. Always explain to the child what you are doing and why. Ask the child about allergies and always check, where possible, enrolment forms for information on allergies and medication. For minor injuries you may NOT offer any medication of any kind. If you have doubts about assisting someone with their own medication, seek help.
Any treatment should be as little as necessary without threatening a child’s wellbeing.

If a child comes to you for comfort because of a minor injury or fright it is acceptable to offer comfort by putting your arm around them or holding their hand, just make sure:

  • You know about the injury and do nothing to make it worse

  • Physical contact is what the child wants and is age and developmentally appropriate

  • You do your best to stay in sight of other adults.

If a child needs a doctor or hospital phone 999 immediately.

Stay with them to wait for the ambulance, contact their parents, do not drive them to hospital yourself except for in very exceptional circumstances.

Safety Checks

Equipment: Every piece of equipment must be checked at the start of every class and stored safety. Make sure everything is put away after use

  • Report any damage to equipment to Chloe Colman for repair/ replacement

  • Equipment must be set up comprehensively, safely and correctly (eg no trailing wires)

  • Floor mats must be used where needed (eg acro class)

Dance studio: Checks to be made before class:

  • Floors clean and dry

  • Plug sockets - safe with no wires showing

  • Doors and emergency exits are clear
    Any problems must be reported straight to Chloe Colman. 


  • Ensure everyone is wearing correct uniform and footwear

  • If additional protection e.g. knee pads are ever needed they must be worn or that activity not undertaken. 

Fire safety:

I and our organisation operate a no smoking policy in its premises. All staff will be advised of the fire action procedure, location of fire alarms and fire exits are notified half termly. Fire evacuation drills are arranged by the principal, practised at least annually and records maintained by the Principal of the evacuation time. Fire alarm points are regularly checked by the studio owner.


Fire Evacuation Procedure - If you discover a fire: 

  1. Activate the fire alarm

  2. Your main responsibility is to help supervise the safety and orderly evacuation of pupils and any other people in your vicinity. Keep calm. Try to keep others calm. 

  3. Do not prolong your evacuation but on passing, check all the corridors, toilets etc to make sure no one is left behind. In the event of hearing the fire alarm. You are responsible for yourself and the pupils in your class.

  4. Evacuate pupils in your class from the building immediately on hearing the alarm by using the nearest fire exit. If possible take a quick head count. Under no circumstances must you stop to collect personal belongings or equipment. 

  5. Assemble at the fire point and supervise an orderly and quiet line.

  6. The designated fire marshall will take the register and wait further instructions - any absences or concerns should be reported immediately to the Principal.

  7. Do not re-enter the building until you are informed to do so by the Principal.

Assembly Point: 

  • Studio: exit out of shutter door. Meet at roundabout at bottom of Roman Way

  • Reception: exit out of reception door. Meet at roundabout at bottom of Roman Wau


Security Policy:
As the studio is a private building, strangers should not regularly enter. If a stranger enters reception they should sign in immediately and be given a visitor pass. If a stranger without a visitor pass is seen, you should:

  • Not let them in the classroom

  • If anyone’s behaviour gives you cause for concern speak to the receptionist

  • Not let a child leave with anyone who you do not KNOW is supposed to collect them – if unsure, ask

  • Not let a child leave if a child seems uncomfortable with that adult without checking.
    All Colman Creative Academy staff or volunteers are to adhere to this policy.