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Fitness Class



Colman Creative Fitness work with clients to reach their fitness goals; whether this be weight loss, toning or flexibility. 

We currently offer Dance Fitness & Penalty Box Training virtual experiences. These sessions last 45 minutes.

All our classes come with a free trial to see if it's really for you! So why not book a free class today?

dance fitness


Colman Creative Dance Fitness classes are 45 minutes of upbeat tracks, movement and fun! The classes combine simple dance steps and generic gym movements to get the body moving and give you a full body workout  with a whole load of fun.


Classes are offered three times a week, for more information visit our Dance Fitness page. 

penalty box training


Penalty Box Training is a body workout program using the foundation of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). PBT helps you burn unwanted fat whilst equipping you with physical conditioning. With minimal equipment and space required PBT can be taken anywhere. Penalty Box Training can be modified for people of all fitness levels so is suitable for everyone! 

There are various benefits of Penalty Box Training but a general favourite is the fact it has a post exercises EPOC meaning it continues to burn calories once you have finished your work out! 

We offer PBT twice a week, for more information visit our Penalty Box Training page. 


As well as our single class, 5 class or 10 class passes, we offer monthly passes which give you unlimited access to the class of your choice. We offer both Dance and PBT Passes as well as a full fitness pass giving you access to all our fitness classes throughout the month at a discounted price.

Take a look now! 

Carol Lisa, Online Client

Big shout out to Chloe Colman thank you so much, that was an amazing 45 mins of good body conditioning and no way was I going to drop my arms! bring on the next session 

Chloe Adams, Client

What an amazing group of people. No judgement just fun and laughter. Honestly the best class I've attended.

Chloe is very enthusiastic and always motivates us to push that bit further. Cant wait for the next session

Susan Condie, Client

It was fab, just the right level for me. I've been running but need something to tone up now. Thank you so much Chloe Colman for doing the session, looking forward to the next one

coming soon

- Small Group Sessions 

- Kettlebells

- Boxing & Pad work

- Suspension Training 

- Circuits