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At Colman Creative Academy, we aim to encourage a widespread love of theatre, welcoming children who can't help but feel the rhythm! Established in 2020, we aim to create a positive, welcoming environment which is encouraging for all. 

ABOUT Colman Creative academy 

Located within Godmanchester, Huntingdon, Colman Creative Academy is a comprehensive Musical Theatre facility within the Cambridgeshire region. We use a fully equipped studio and train our students in all areas of Musical Theatre including Acro, Street & Modern Stage for students from 2 up to adult

To ensure classes are suitable for those who attend, we will always discuss students ability and preferences when starting at the academy. Whether you are aiming for a professional career, looking to stay fit or finally ready to give dance a try, we have a class for you.

Our collective approach is to share our love of performing arts while being supportive and encouraging.

stepping towards your future
our mIssIon

Our mission is to develop every students love for Musical Theatre; whilst encouraging self-MOTIVATION, discipline and RESPECT of the industry. 

Colman Creative Academy are fully devoted to providing students of all ages with a SAFE environment and INCLUSIVE lessons, where they are given the opportunity to EXPRESS themselves from their first class to the final curtain call.

We strive to deliver the highest quality of training whilst nurturing each individuals unique talent. We wish to encourage all students to achieve their fullest potential, as well as SUPPORTING them artistically and academically to enable them to develop into well-rounded individuals.

our values


Expression for all students through speech and thought.


Collaboration of mutual respect.


Inclusive lessons, enabling all students to develop at their own pace.


Mental & Physical support for all individuals.


Expression for all students through speech and thought.


A safe environment that every individual feels safe to work in..

who we are working with

safe group

We are members of the safe group. Our staff are provided with dance specific safeguarding training monthly and on hand support.


international dance rewards

Through IDR we are able to offer termly assessments; encouraging growth and confidence as well as progression tracking for all students


policy bee insurance

All of our classes, performances and sessions are insured through Policy Bee.



Our teachers are trained through Acrotrix. This enables us to run with safety as our number one priority through their levelled syllabus.


danscend mental wellbeing

Being members of the Danscend council enables our staff to attend weekly training on various topics and given the skills to add these to our classes.



All our dance and musical classes are structured through the NATD syllabus, giving students the opportunity to take exams and earn UCAS points.


new era academy

Through NEA we are able to offer individual and group exams in drama, creative movement, public speaking and more. These are widely recognised with UCAS points awarded.

our policies

All our policies are available to access  online including Child protection, Safe Touch,  Online, Health & Safety, Anti Bullying Policies. 

Our insurance certificate and risk assessment is also available on request. 

Colman Creative Academy Godmanchester Musical Theatre Dance Class

Chloe Colman

Principal & Senior Teacher

Chloe trained on the professional Level 6 diploma in Musical Theatre. Throughout her time in training she found a passion for choreographing and teaching all ages and abilities. She finds watching the growth of her students unlike anything else and wanted to create a company to develop her passion into her life. 


In 2018 she founded 'CMT Company' which later developed into 'Colman Creative' in July 2020, which enables the company to cover more services including sports massage, fitness and workshops.

Chloe has performed in many shows in various parts of the country including Hairspray, Pirate Adventures and Little Women. She has also performed with Ultrabeat Live in their UK tour in 2019 and 2021 as well as choreographing for these tours. 

She has had a lot of experience in choreographing pieces for dance schools and companies for shows and competitions but is looking forward to working withs students on a regular basis instead of in a workshop setting. 

Chloe is a member of National Teachers Association of Dancing, Acrotrix, Dance School Safeguarding Services & Danscend: Mental wellbeing for dancers. This enables Chloe to train our students safely and to the next level.

Chloe loves working with those who join Colman Creative Academy and is looking forward to the growth of the academy.

Colman Creative Academy.png


Administrative Assistant & Acro Support Teacher

Chloe joined the team in April 2021, taking on the role of administrative assistant and receptionist here at Colman Creative Academy and is hoping to study business in the near future. 

Chloe has been involved with the academy since we launched in Godmanchester in 2020. Not only has she now taken on this administrative role but also is a valued member of our Fundraising Committee. This is ran by our amazing academy parents who push to give the students the money to enable them to take every opportunity they get. 

Chloe says that "Being apart of a team is the best feeling, watching the students excitement when they enter the studio is priceless and the best start to my weekend".

Chloe is also a qualified Acro Assistant through the Acrotrix syllabus and assists within the Acro classes that run here at Colman Creative Academy.